Video Captions for YouTube/Vimeo

First let me get the bad news out of the way… there’s no CC option for vimeo.  The last update on the forum was from 10 months ago promising something would come up in a year or so.

Ok, so now as I crawl back and beg YouTube for forgiveness, it took me a couple hours to find a way to get CCs up on my YouTube videos now that I’ve already uploaded them.

The How To article from YouTube was of very little help to me except to imply that I might need a SUB, SRT, or SBV file.  Or in their words “only supported formats will be displayed properly on the playback page”. What this means, as I found out, is that I can upload whatever file I want and YouTube will just ignore it unless it’s a supported format. I must have uploaded a DOC and DOCX file (after using their Preparing a Transcript File article) 5x before I gave up.

Like most things in technology, my answer was found by letting Google direct me to others that had better answers for me.  Someone posted an SRT file that I could download and open with TextEdit.  Here’s the video that really helped:  HOW TO MAKE SRT FILE AND ADD CAPTION TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS

After doing this for about 2 hours I was having trouble and Googled “youtube cc” and got YouTubeCC which at first glance seems to have been the first solution I should have looked at. Was it on the first YouTube help article?  No.

The method I spent two hours on

youtube v. vimeo

I uploaded the final drafts of the tutorials this morning to vimeo and youtube as requested. I created a playlist in youtube to group all the videos together. I sent out a recommendation to push the vimeo links instead of the youtube links because of one major factor: Replace this Video.

The video tutorials will likely need to be updated in a few months.  When I upload into Youtube, I can’t replace the original file and I will lose statistics and a permanent URL.  Vimeo allows me to replace the previous video with a new one. This gives me the ability to keep a permanent URL and all the statistics for one video together.  I did a little bit of research trying to see if there was a way since youtube is so much more popular.

I propose we push the vimeo URLs and let people stumble on to the youtube ones.  Also include links to vimeo in the youtube channel.

I also can’t upload my own thumbnail into youtube. I have to let the screenshot showing be one of three images from the video youtube randomly picks out. In vimeo I can upload whatever photo I want to be the image representation of the video.

Succeed at Searching

Vimeo channel:

Youtube Playlist:

large resoultion file sizes to vimeo

As  a test for the video tutorial series I’m putting up video files on vimeo that contain only the screencaps taken on my Mac. My Mac is on a 2560×1440 display setting and all the screencaps I take using Quicktime are also of this resolution.  For the files using only screencaps (and not the xtranormal animations) I’ve had to find alternate setting to export the files to vimeo.  The vimeo HD setting compresses the files too much and appear highly pixilated when uploaded.

Here is the combination I’m exporting to avoid pixilation and cropping of the video file:

Format: f4v

Preset: Custom

Resize Video to : 1680×945

Xtranormal – State software test

So yesterday I downloaded the State software from xtranormal so I could make animated videos from my computer directly instead of from the website.  Here are some findings followed by the video.

  • State appears to offer a wider range of control over the animation than the online website.  I say “appears” because both options are so difficult to navigate sometimes if you want to personalize the video that it’s hard to tell exactly what my options are.
  • The downloaded software will only allow you to add assets that you have previously purchased.  Different animations come in different package sets (like robots, stick figures, homeboys and so on). If you haven’t used anything from a previous set before those characters won’t show up in options.  The same goes with languages.  In order to reach the full potential of assets, you have to log into xtranormal through State and purchase the assets.
  • I can’t figure out a way to publish my video from State into my xtranormal account. There has to be a way, right? But the website is so difficult to navigate I might have given up on what seemed like a lost cause.  State allows you to publish to Facebook or Youtube.  I exported to an mov file (a very low file size mov file) and uploaded to vimeo.
  • The help forum is not very helpful
  • When trying to add extra movements from the camera or characters, I have a hard time understanding the timings and nothing seems to really work the way I ant it to except by accident.

Final Thoughts: xtranormal and State are not for control freaks. There’s a lot of stuff you’re just going to have to let go. Also, despite the mostly good enunciation of the voices, perhaps a voice-over would be best.

Password protected video on vimeo