Timelines, Tiki-Toki

I heard about this yesterday and the faculty around me seemed to be really excited about the prospect.  Tiki-Toki is an online software for creating dynamic timelines.

I went ahead and used it today for the first time.  Maybe I should have read a tutorial or something because it took me a good few minutes to figure out how to control everything.   But I got a handle on it real fast so I can’t say it’s too difficult.

It has a timeline that runs along the bottom of the page and then the entry stamps are things that look like speech bubbles.  They include titles, and a description.  I haven’t run into a character limit yet, but I try to keep it for a brief description and then add all the long bits to the “Extra Info” part.  The text boxes to type in are really small so if you have a lot to say then I suggest writing it out before hand in Word or something and then copying and pasting.   You can also add images, video, or audio, but only from an existing url.  There’s a few controls also for the look of the timeline.

I haven’t tried any of the downloading and sharing options, but they exist as well.

Here is a link to my History of Metallica, it’s a work in progress.


special thanks to metallicaworld.co.uk