srt files in NotePad v TextEdit

About 2 years ago I made an srt file for a video the library had on YouTube. I made them using TextEdit on a Mac and then saving as an srt file. When I uploaded it, everything was fine.

Now, I was testing the captions on MediaSpace and I used the same srt file I had in YouTube. It did not work. After a bit I realized that even though I had saved as an srt file, TextEdit was adding the txt extension automatically. Deleting it out of the file name was predictably not working. MediaSpace would not recognize the file, wouldn’t so much as import it.

In order to fix the issue, my employee sent me to a converter site, but that wouldn’t recognize it either. In the end I had to copy/paste the content from my original file into Window’s Notepad and then save as srt with the drop down option of “all files”. Then MediaSpace accepted this version and displayed the captions without issue.

I now have the file saved as the srt version and a Word version.  This is because the srt file I made in WordPad would not open afterwards for me to make any edits.

CC file sample for YouTube

I’m uploading the file I used for the captions on YouTube in case anyone needs a sample to work from. I downloaded the original file from this website which is where you get re-directed from this youtube video. I then entered my own text using TextEdit. Here’s the file on MediaFire:

The errors I would get would be from having an extra space bar (something impossible for me to track). The video would be going along fine and then suddenly I would get an error that looked like the entire script was trying to jump on the screen at once. To fix this I would have to go back into the text file to the time code where the error started occurring and then press delete and Return until I was sure I got any extra space bars out. There was also one instance where I typed the wrong number and so the captions started two minutes early on top of the other captions.

Here’s a sample of what the code looks like: