Making Ambient Room noise in Soundbooth

I finally got tired of going back and forth from Soundbooth to Garage Band. So I tired I tried the first trick I could think of to make a long clip of ambient room noise in Soundbooth. I cut out a section of ambient room noise from the original clip, saved it as a separate file, copied ALL of the new clip and pasted the heck out of it until I got one long clip.  Done. Ta-ra.

Real Voice for State – 2nd attempt

The easiest way to say what we had to do to make this work is by putting it down in a step-by-step.

1. Record audio voices of all characters conversing with each other at the same time to avoid audio prints that don’t match-up.

2. After importing audio files into the computer, each individual voice must be saved as a separate audio file for every single time that character speaks. For example:

Vin: I have to do what? (audio file 1.1)
Nat: I need a file for every single part of the conversation. (audio file 1.2)
Vin: State won’t let you just run the whole wav file? (audio file 1.3)
Nat: No. (audio file 1.4)
Vin: So I need to make a new audio file for every part of the conversation. (audio file 1.5)
Nat: Yes. And then I have to upload each individual file every time a character begins to speak. (audio file 1.6)
Vin: That sucks. (audio file 1.7)
Nat: I know. (audio file 1.8)

That short conversation is now 8 different audio files.

3. So then each individual audio file must be imported into State whenever a character begins to speak.   This process will then remove all the continuous room noise that was present in the background and create a horrid empty space of sound between one character having finished speaking and a new character beginning to speak.

4. Export the file from State.

5. In Premiere I exported the audio file to fix.

  • Using Soundbooth I lowered the room noise a bit from where the characters are speaking. I did this using the previously blogged about method.
  • To help with the cavernous sound of the recording I added an EQ Graphic filter and selected Presence.
  • I also had to export some of the room noise to fill in the spaces between the characters talking.  I took the few seconds of exported room noise and pulled them into Garage Band to create a clip of room noise that was several minutes long.  I probably could have done this in Soundbooth, but since I already know how to do it in Garage Band, and I’m really not in the mood to learn a new trick right now, I made it in Garage Band.

6. I pulled the new audio into Premiere, including the room noise audio as a constant background hum, and then proceeded to edit as normal.