How to Download an MOV file from Firefox

Sometimes I get sent links to MOV files and someone wants me to grab the video and then post it somewhere else. This is how I pull the video off the web when the html address is an MOV file.

First off, and most important, you need Quicktime. I’m running Firefox 15.0.1 with Quicktime Player 10.0 on a Mac.

1. Enter the web address into Firefox and the video may or may not start playing. I find I can pull the video even if it never plays.
2. Under Tools, click Page Info
3. In this window click “media” at the top.
4. Then click “Save As” and the rest is simple.

That’s all there is to it.

Quicktime X : Screen Recording

In order to do the library tutorials, we’re going to have to use video screen captures.  The other person on this project and myself have both had Adobe Captivate installed on our desktops. I’ve opened up the program and it looks complicated and filled with a bunch of features that are probably very helpful.

Instead I’m going to try using the screen recording feature on Quicktime X.  There’s very little control, but I’ve tested it out and the output file is sufficiently large.  I can edit my movie files then in Adobe Premiere which I know well enough. If I use Captivate I’d have to learn an entirely new program and the rough drafts on this project are due next week.

Here is a quick tutorial I used in order to learn how to do screen recording on Quicktime X: Quicktime X: Screen Recording