Flickr not Behance

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I was asked to teach a class this year that I had done last year. The professor wants to have the students take photos and video for a group project.  Last year, I showed them Glossom, which I still believe has some great features.  This year though, I thought perhaps I should use Behance since that is the way Adobe is going.  I’d played with Behance briefly last year and didn’t like the features (or lack there of , I should say), so I went back to get a more in depth view of it.

After a few hours of playing with it I knew I couldn’t possibly promote this to a class of students. Behance is designed for users to promote and sell their work.  And there’s nothing wrong with that per se, but for a class of students working on a project, it’s just not appropriate mostly because of it’s lack of group features. In Behance your photos are either completely public to the world, or private only to the user.  Their is no privacy function for sharing any images with just a small group of people.  I was willing to overlook their terrible portfolio formatting (one long scroll of photo with no way to put two side-by-side), but the lack of group work was a deal breaker. In other words, Behance was made for the professional, not really with education in mind.  Which is kind of shame since I’ll have Adobe CC in my lab soon, but still no easy solution to the student portfolio question.

So this year I’m just going to recommend Flickr. Despite Glossom having amazing features, Flickr is still better known and has it’s own useful features.  Here is a bullet list of why I’ve decided on the Yahoo program.  Glossom does have some of these features, but I think my tipping point was really the ability for the Flickr app to upload pictures into the account.  Glossom should think about improving their mobile app.

  • Group Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • User retains rights
  • Mobile app
  • Optional Creative Common settings
  • Good Metadata options
  • Geo-tagging
  • Knows what type of camera was used for pic
  • Easy to use
  • connects to social media
  • Commenting feature
  • Large storage space
  • ability to upload video