Typing into PowerPoint during the Presentation

I’m using Office 2010.  I can’t believe no one noticed when I did this during the live presentation.

Here is the link to the tutorial I used: InternetClassroom.com. I’m not sure which version of PowerPoint they are using, but below are the 2010 instruction.

  1. Make a new slide where you want this feature to come in
  2. Under “Developer” in the section “Controls” you will see the text box feature
  3. Add into the slide whatever size you want, wherever you want.
  4. You can adjust it later by clicking in the box. The edit features will turn on



NOTE: While you are typing in presentation mode, in order to go to the next line, you must press the Shift key at the same time as the Return (or Enter) key.

That’s it.  I’d say “amaze your co-workers”, but mine didn’t even notice I’d done anything out of the norm of our usual presentations.

Viewing websites inside of PowerPoint

And when I say viewing websites I mean without having to exit the PowerPoint presentation in the middle.  This can be done, though it seems that currently, it’s only possible if you only visit one page and don’t try to click anything within that page.  For the purposes of my last presentation, this was perfectly acceptable. I am using Office 2010.

The trick is a program called LiveWeb. That’s the most of it really. Once you have that installed on your computer (and the computer you are presenting from if different) you are set to go. Make sure you have PowerPoint closed. Once you install and re-open PP, you will see a new future on the toolbar under Insert:

Once you add the website, you can adjust where and how large on your slide you want it.  My slide from NMC card game looks like this:


You can find all the instructions on the link for LiveWeb or read them here below the cut:

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