starting Preservation video

About to start work editing a video on the poster preservation project going on now btw our CHC department and the Preservation department.  The footage was shot a few weeks ago by myself and the other videographer here at the library.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to edit the footage do to priority going to previous event videos.

I will form a rough cut in the time I have between getting feedback for the library tutorial videos. Then I will send her my rough cut to see if we can collaborate on this.

The files are MTS and I’m working with Premiere.  She prefers Final Cut, but for some reason (and after some online searching I see I’m not the only one affected) Final Cut doesn’t want to read the MTS files I imported from the camera.  This explains why the girl who works in media lab gave me a set of MOV files when she was clearing out the camera’s hard drive. Because she also works in Final Cut.  I didn’t keep the MOV files, I gave them to the videographer and kept the MTS files I downloaded. Therefor, I’m going to work in Premiere with the MTS files.

Sometimes it seems that not having everyone on the same software can be hindering. Other times it seems beneficial that if one program is having issues, there are people who know the alternate program that might not have those same issues.

Premiere Capture for Sony NXCAM

The Sony NXCAM exports files with an .mts file extension. When you plug the camera to the computer the camera’s hard drive will pop up in Premiere’s media browser. The files can be extracted this way. However, this leaves the problem that the files only exist on the camera and have not actually been transferred over and saved to the computer. This means that any editing would have to be done with the camera continuously attached to the computer. That’s not very effective. The best thing then is to make sure the files are saved on the computers hard drive or other easily accessible server.

If there’s a way to do that in Premiere I haven’t found it. And after my system crashed twice I don’t care to try again today. So for the purpose of being effective, I’m simply downloading the entire contents of the camera hard drive into the computer’s hard drive. I was told that the other files (the ones that are not the .mts video files) in the hard drive are necessary as well and not just there for decoration. So that’s why I’m dumping the whole thing into the computer.