Video footage – physical copies

The big question now is what to do with all the University and/or library video footage that has been piling up.  When we’ve recorded events we’ve had the MiniDV’s with the footage. There have also been other instances that we have come into possession of certain video footage.   Digitizing is everyone’s first response of course, but then the second question is, what do we do with all the video tapes used to record these moments.  These are things we are now seriously looking into.

Step One:

Inventory. – what exactly do we have and where did it all come from? This helps us identify the people associated with the video footage that may need to be contacted.  This also helps us identify the kind of physical space that would be required should we need to keep the tapes. There might be footage that was never digitized.

Research. –  (or, I am ever the librarian). How are other libraries dealing with this issue? This might help us avoid a few trial and error steps of our own.