.avi files on a Mac

I was asked for an AVI version of this video we have online. I said yes because apparently I don’t know any better.

On my Adobe Premeire CS5 that is running on my back-up Mac (mine’s in the shop) on Mac OS X 10.6.6 there is no option for AVI output in the export options.  I’ve been on forums all morning and yesterday afternoon and I can’t seem to find a solution to this problem. I found one forum that said that AVI is only available on Premiere for PCs. Great.

However, today I got my Mac returned to me. Unfortunately this didn’t do anything for me on the AVI file front.

Trial 1: export to MOV, import into iMovie and then export that to AVI. / Conclusion: An AVI file that has suffered sever degradation.

Trial 2: Re-install Final Cut Pro and try to get an AVI file that way.

m4v to iMovie and Premiere

Since my computer is in the shop I had to use HandBrake to rip the video from a DVD of one of our events. The goal is to take a clip from this event lasting a few minutes and then make it into a PowerPoint friendly video file.

The rip from Handbrake took so long I had to leave work before it had finished.  The next morning an m4v file was waiting for me on my desktop. I tried opening it in Premiere CS5, but it would only read the first title screen and not the entire video.  I then stuck it in iMovie.  It took over2 hours to uplaod into the program (the video is an hour and seven minutes), but it works.

I now await to hear which part of the video is wanted in a separate clip.