Making swf files in Adobe Premiere

Actually, you can’t make swf files in Adobe Premiere.  Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.  But I was asked for an swf file, so an swf file I had to make.

The most important thing in this explanation is that I have the entire Adobe Creative Suite.  I know there are special converter softwares that exist out there, but I have Flash, so this is what I did.

  1. Export video from Premiere in flv format.  I’m not sure how essential the format is, but it was recommended in forums.
  2. Open a new project in Flash then import the flv file
  3. Check you Properties settings. Position and Size should be at zero.  width and height should match your video output from Premiere.
  4. Check your Publish Settings. File>Publish Settings .  Under formats swf and html need to both be checked. Under HTML the Dimensions should match the export dimensions of the video from Premiere.  If they don’t then use the drop down menu to get to “Pixels” and fix the dimensions. Hit OK to save changes.
  5. Save your Flash project.  It’ll be easier to find your published swf if you’ve predetermined where the file should go.
  6. File > Publish

Now I’ve glossed over a few things here like playback options and the like.  I only needed a very basic file, so I didn’t have to deal with all of that for this project.  However, these instructions should get you through the process.