Recording Real Voices for State

Our video tutorials have an interaction with two people. The first thing we did was record the actors directly into State separately and then output the file. This is the wrong way to do this. The final product had microphone noise. The room noise from one actor to the other didn’t match. Whenever the actors weren’t talking there was no room noise and instead a distinctive complete lack of sound. One audio was higher than the other.

It was a disaster.

Yesterday we re-recorded with both voice actors in the same room recording to the same device. We left off at least 15 seconds at the beginning and the end of the recording for just some room noise. I edited the audio wav files to the best clips and have sent them out to be imported into State. We’re hoping this will be an easy transition. I downloaded a wav file offline yesterday and State couldn’t seem to pick up the voice. When I did the same thing with a wav file taken from State it worked fine.

We used an M-Audio MicroTrack II Mobile Digital Recorder for the wav files.