Here are some of the more recent work I’ve done.


This is a list of my public LibGuides:

Printing Your Own Book – as part of a creative writing course

Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga – for our graphic novel collection

Vampire in Folklore, Fiction, and Film – for Masters of Liberal Studies (MLS) course. co-authored.


Library Events

DML employee, Robert Carroll with Sebastian the Ibis

READ – For Orientation, Fall 2013, I suggested the library could do promotion by hosting an event where participants were photographed with their own book or a selection from our collection.  Participants were photographed in front of a green screen and then photoshopped using one of ALA’s READ poster formats. Finished products were emailed to participants and they could also order one printed copy from our digital media lab.

Once my idea was approved, I organized the event and recruited volunteers who asisted me in figuring out the technology to make this happen, to assist on the days of the event, and to work on the images taken.  I worked all three days of the event and did about 30% of the image editing.

We had over 200 participants and plan a similar event for the future.


Free Combatmanposter_13x19ic Book Day – In 2013 and 2014, the library participated in the national event, Free Comic Book Day.  After my idea was approved, I contacted a local comic book store, Mac’s Comics, and convinced them to partner with us.  We hosted the event the day before the actual national celebration and handed out free comics that were donated by Macs. Each bag included the free comics ( a collection of older editions from the previous year), a flyer promoting the library graphic novel collection, and a coupon for Macs Comics for their own event the next day.  The day of the event the librarian in charge of graphic novels, another volunteer librarian, and myself, handed out comics and talked to our patrons about our own library collection and what they’d like to read.


Library Videos

This Library Video Tour was first made in 2010 andwas updated in 2012.  A new revision is being worked on.

TheLibrary Research Modules are a series of video tutorials made for integration with courses in Blackboard. They were created in collaboration with the English Department and the Writing Center.

This video is the 2nd part of the series, and is from the second edition of the modules. I have been a part of the working group since it was put together and worked on the script and choosing the technology. I also assisted in the editing of the first edition.

Succeed at Searching was a video made to walk students through the research process in the library.

I was part of the work group that made this video. I worked on the script, screencaptures, and editing. I coordinated the technical aspects. The animation is from the now defunct company, Xtranormal.

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