Video Tutorial Test – Kaltura Screen Capture and Writing Tablet

Someone showed me a video tutorial and asked me “ok, so how did they do that?” Well, I can guess, but using the tools we have available readily, I made something that looks identical.

Here is a screen capture using Kaltura through Blackboard. I set up templates using Illustrator and PhotoShop and then I wrote into the program using a Bamboo writing tablet.

The tablet is difficult to control and I spent a couple of hours laughing at myself at how badly I was at controlling it. However, we have at least 1 digital artist who can work the thing like she was doing a commercial for the brand. If you watch the video you’ll wonder “why didn’t she use shapes?” And the answer is I am pretty bad at Illustrator.

With practice, I think this could be a viable solution. But, I say not bad for something I had to set up and learn to work yesterday. There were about 7 tries before I got this clip. Overall, I think about 3 hours to make it but that includes the learning curve.  If I made more I bet I could get the hang of it and do them pretty quick.

Materials: Adobe Illustrator CS5, Wacom Bamboo writing tablet CTH-670, Labtec headset, Windows 7, Kaltura

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO. You could watch the embed video here if WordPress wasn’t trying to annoy everyone by making videos impossible to embed from anything other than youtube and vimeo. I’m going to have to start testing Blogger.


There are a few guides online on how to embed Prezi into after more recent upgrades to WordPress. I’m going to include some links below, but I haven’t to be able to make anything work. I manage to have the Prezi appear, but it won’t play beyond the first slide. I tried a few variations, but not a different browser.

Digital Media Lab – my prezi I tried to embed

embedding prezi to my blog (forum post)

WordPrezi beta

Timelines, Tiki-Toki

I heard about this yesterday and the faculty around me seemed to be really excited about the prospect.  Tiki-Toki is an online software for creating dynamic timelines.

I went ahead and used it today for the first time.  Maybe I should have read a tutorial or something because it took me a good few minutes to figure out how to control everything.   But I got a handle on it real fast so I can’t say it’s too difficult.

It has a timeline that runs along the bottom of the page and then the entry stamps are things that look like speech bubbles.  They include titles, and a description.  I haven’t run into a character limit yet, but I try to keep it for a brief description and then add all the long bits to the “Extra Info” part.  The text boxes to type in are really small so if you have a lot to say then I suggest writing it out before hand in Word or something and then copying and pasting.   You can also add images, video, or audio, but only from an existing url.  There’s a few controls also for the look of the timeline.

I haven’t tried any of the downloading and sharing options, but they exist as well.

Here is a link to my History of Metallica, it’s a work in progress.


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