This website is aimed at organizing my ventures in educational technology.  It’s also my testing page for WordPress in general. I’ll blog about my experiences, put together lists of things I’ve tried as well as links to online applications I’ve tested out.  The blog is a good way for me to go back and find a solution to a problem if it comes up again.

VR_inofficeCurrently, I’m the E-learning and Emerging Technologies librarian at the University of Miami. I started here as a library assistant in the reference department, but since everyone knew my background was digital multimedia (photo retouching, layout design, video restoration, audio recording and archiving) I was tasked with more multimedia projects.  Eventually, the projects were too numerous for me to continue working the reference desk all day and so I was promoted to Communications Technician.

In my current position, I manage the Digital Media Lab in the library; a 16 computer lab with software like Adobe, iLife and Final Cut.  I do promotion of the lab and its services to classes where instructors want their students to do a multimedia project.  I also do tech sessions for classes on whatever software the instructor wants their class to learn for a project.  This has included, in the past, things like WordPress, Weebly, Glossom, Tiki-Toki, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign and PhotoShop, and Prezi. I’ve also done sessions on copyright specifically pertaining to image and video rights, where to find images that can be used, and the limits of “for educational purposes”.

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