YouTube upload troubleshooting

When I want to upload a video to youtube I simply click the “upload” button at the top of the page (after I’ve signed in of course) and then click “upload video”. Simple. So let’s go over the problems.

On certain browsers, if your upload failed, all the information you typed in as you waited for the video to be uplaoded will be lost. There’s no trying to re-upload into the same information you’ve just spent time typing up.

So now that you’re upload has failed ( I got “Failed (unable to convert video file)”, you might want to start with, “Well, maybe there was something wrong with my file? Perhaps it was the wrong format or something?” It’s not as easy as it should be to find the parameters for uploading into youtube acceptably.  I tried the obvious (to me) place which is the page where I initially uploaded the file. When I couldn’t find it there I got frustrated and went to Google. Here you go:

Supported YouTube file formats

File size and length

Now, my video fits into all these parameters. I just finished updating all my software that had updates, and the video still fails to upload. I turned on Private Browsing (youtube’s only other suggestion) and that failed too.

To get my video on youtube I re-exported as an mp4 using the h.264 YouTube setting on Premiere. The video finally uploaded correctly.  I’m not sure why my previous MOV 45MB 4min long video wouldn’t upload.

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