youtube v. vimeo

I uploaded the final drafts of the tutorials this morning to vimeo and youtube as requested. I created a playlist in youtube to group all the videos together. I sent out a recommendation to push the vimeo links instead of the youtube links because of one major factor: Replace this Video.

The video tutorials will likely need to be updated in a few months.  When I upload into Youtube, I can’t replace the original file and I will lose statistics and a permanent URL.  Vimeo allows me to replace the previous video with a new one. This gives me the ability to keep a permanent URL and all the statistics for one video together.  I did a little bit of research trying to see if there was a way since youtube is so much more popular.

I propose we push the vimeo URLs and let people stumble on to the youtube ones.  Also include links to vimeo in the youtube channel.

I also can’t upload my own thumbnail into youtube. I have to let the screenshot showing be one of three images from the video youtube randomly picks out. In vimeo I can upload whatever photo I want to be the image representation of the video.

Succeed at Searching

Vimeo channel:

Youtube Playlist:

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