Xtranormal Voice Options

First trials with the Xtranormal animation tutorials went reasonably okay. The biggest problem seemed to be the robotic voice provided by the program.  There are very few options in each language and what tends to happen is that some words are hard to understand in the robotic voice the first time around. We want the videos to be understood by all and if the native English speakers are having trouble with robotic enunciation then… well.

So for the second draft we are going to be trying out a recording of live human voices. The xtranormal desktop software, State, allows a user to record a voice into the program and the animated person follows along to that recording instead of the robotic voice. This sounds like a good alternative.  I haven’t finished putting together the new drafts, but here are some issues that have been raised with the use of the human voice:

1. Any editing would require the person who voiced it to come in. Otherwise you might potentially have to edit every single video with the new voice.

2. the robotic voice is something that whoever is doing the animation can work with on their own instead of having to wait for a schedule fit with the voice actor.

3. The librarians doing the voices are talking considerably faster than the robotic voice. This might give rise to a different problem. As the robotic voice was difficult to understand, a fast human voice might be difficult for our target audience to follow. As in, it’s hard to absorb information that you are hearing for the first time when it’s given too fast. My opinion.

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