the making of library tutorials – draft 1

This is our process for making the library tutorials.

1. Reference & Instruction Librarians write scripts for the video tutorials based on a Term Paper Strategy sheet they made as handouts to students in the 2010-2011 academic year.

2. Department Head and myself make edits to scripts.  I go ahead and re-write based on edits.

3. Library Assistant in the department makes the animated video files using Xtranormal’s desktop program State.  He is using the green screen background so I can add images of our library to the background.  He is also the one taking the pictures.

4. I inter splice the animated videos with the video screen captures I made using Quicktime as well as the library still shots and a few sound effects from garage band (typing + footsteps).

5. I add title screens.

6. export h.264 vimeo HD at 1280×720 25fps.

7. Post on vimeo in password protected files while I wait for feedback for further edits.


– vimeo allows me to replace files so I don’t lose the web address if I need to update a video file.

– State is easy if you don’t care not being able to control what the characters are doing or which way their eyes are going.

– video 1 is ~1:30 minutes long.  It took me about 1.5 hours to get the edits done and uploaded. This is with video screen captures and stills (not counting title) already done and ready to be imported into the Adobe Premiere file.

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