Xtranormal – State software test

So yesterday I downloaded the State software from xtranormal so I could make animated videos from my computer directly instead of from the website.  Here are some findings followed by the video.

  • State appears to offer a wider range of control over the animation than the online website.  I say “appears” because both options are so difficult to navigate sometimes if you want to personalize the video that it’s hard to tell exactly what my options are.
  • The downloaded software will only allow you to add assets that you have previously purchased.  Different animations come in different package sets (like robots, stick figures, homeboys and so on). If you haven’t used anything from a previous set before those characters won’t show up in options.  The same goes with languages.  In order to reach the full potential of assets, you have to log into xtranormal through State and purchase the assets.
  • I can’t figure out a way to publish my video from State into my xtranormal account. There has to be a way, right? But the website is so difficult to navigate I might have given up on what seemed like a lost cause.  State allows you to publish to Facebook or Youtube.  I exported to an mov file (a very low file size mov file) and uploaded to vimeo.
  • The help forum is not very helpful
  • When trying to add extra movements from the camera or characters, I have a hard time understanding the timings and nothing seems to really work the way I ant it to except by accident.

Final Thoughts: xtranormal and State are not for control freaks. There’s a lot of stuff you’re just going to have to let go. Also, despite the mostly good enunciation of the voices, perhaps a voice-over would be best.

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