Xtranormal – test 1

I made a mini video yesterday using Xtranormal. I’m not posting it due to cursing in Spanish which while highly amusing, is not really appropriate.

Preliminary Observations:

  • The videos are paid for on a point system.  You are given 300 points to start with.  I managed to make one short video with no background noises and only one animated actor.  I might have enough points to make another video with the same limitations. To get more points you need to pay. Assets are the things in your video that cost points. These include sets and characters.
  • The price for extra points seems to be extremely low.  I used about half of my free user points (~150) .  If I wanted to purchase the minimum number of points possible (1200) it would only cost $10 and that’s without the educator discount. I’m not sure if there’s a price tag on longevity of the video, but there is an extra price tag for publishing through the online site.
  • Previous assets purchased for one video can be used again for another video without purchasing it again. I found this on the FAQ page.
  • The sight could use some revamping because the navigation is a bit unclear.  I had a hard time finding anything. I kept navigating to pages that asked me to log in when I could see that I was already signed in by the appearance in the top right corner of my username. Any questions are on the FAQ page and only there. I gave up trying to find a place to buy more points. It must be in there somewhere, but I give up. I don’t need to know right this very second.
  • The State product is Windows only. State allows a user to make the movies on their desktop and preview them before paying for the assets. State is free and I will play with it sometime this week.
  • The character voices are available in different languages.  There’s not a lot of variety in the character voices, but there is a large number of language options. I made a video using the Spanish male1 voice and so my script was written in Spanish.  Making any language voice speak in a different language is unclear because it obviously was programmed for the enunciation of the language it’s labeled with.
  • The videos have some cinematography options. You can change point of view. You can have characters change facial expressions or hold a beat. There are some motion options.
  • The videos are generally really easy to make.

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