Xtranormal MovieMaker

I will be looking at Xtranormal MovieMaker for possible use in library tutorials.  After a quick look through the website I found out that it is possible to download the videos into an mp4 file.  We could then theoretically splice these animated video files with video screen captures of our library website. It seems like an interesting way to get the students attention.  And that’s really the most important point because if no one’s watching the videos then no one’s learning what you intended. Might as well just pack it up and go home.

The Xtranormal service is not free, at least not the part where you can download an mp4 file.  Also, the idea has not been fully approved. We are still in the drawing board stage.

I tried and failed to embed code from Xtranormal into WordPress so here’s the video from the YouTube page.  This video is both a good example of Xtranormal and a very informative film for anyone considering getting their PhDin the humanities:

So you Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities

The youtube page has a few more of these type of videos about getting PhD in other areas.

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