Jing – first impressions

We’re trying out Jing for short and easy screen video captures for tutorial purposes.  Clips are limited to five minutes and you need an external mic to have sound.  I set my cellphone to play my ringtone next to my Mac’s internal mic and got subpar audio.  The video lags sometimes, but not so much to be annoying, I think.  After recording you need to then log into the screencast.com account you automatically set up when you joined Jing.


  • I had to make the video twice because the first time I chose to download the file instead of getting the weblink.  Then I realized that the file is a swf which comes with severe playing limitations. I can’t play it on my PC and my Mac opens Adobe Flash in order to play it.
  • The video on the screencast.com website is huge.  I have to scroll up and down to see the entire thing.  This means that some of my arrow selections get lost unless I scroll upwards very fast to catch it.  It might be 1:1 scale because the Mac I recorded it on is very large, but when I play the video on my Firefox in a PC it makes it hard to see.  I can’t find an option to make the viewer smaller.  The best solution is to enter full screen (which I personally dislike, but to each his own).
  • When you record and choose the option of the website, you can always go back to your sun icon and choose to download it as well.

Jing video made by Nat: How to find/request a DVD
Nat’s video had no copyright infringement so I can put his up, but not mine.

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